Hey Suzannah B... 

I wanted to share a little bit about my weight loss story and how it can help you.

I had been battling my weight for years. I've done all the typical weight loss methods that you've probably done as well.

Nothing ever seemed to work over the long term. My weight went up, it went down, then back up again.

So what is different now?

I focused on a healthy lifestyle. Not a temporary 4 week diet that left me feeling hungry and ravenous or a super intense workout regimen.

I focused on eating a healthy plant-based diet consisting of health forming foods like potatoes, rice, beans, hearty vegetables, fruit and greens.

I focused on getting daily movement in the form of walking or riding my bike. This would include things like walking my dogs or riding down to the farmers market.
Now I'm 70lbs lighter. I love how I look and feel even more confident about the world and pursuing my dreams. 

It has been a total life transformation and everything I've learnt about weight loss along with a 14 day meal plan is in my Lean & Clean ebook.

With it being 33% off until Sunday evening, it's a steal at $19. Don't miss out!

— Hannah
Handeeman LLC, P.O Box 770, St David, AZ 85630, United States


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